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Terroir and varietals planted

Scientific analyses showed that Le Present is ideally suited to the production of red varietals and has four distinct soil types or “terroirs”.

Cabernet Sauvignon was planted on the highest and the lowest parts of the farm totalling 1.1 ha. The top part is more gravel by nature with granite bedrock. The bottom 0.1 ha block has a clay base that offers great diversity. Three different clones of Cabernet Sauvignon was planted to enhance flavour profile and complexity. This is the backbone of the Liberte, our Bordeaux blend.

Below the area where the Cabernet is planted is a mezzanine area, between the granite and a sandy clay base area. Mourvedre (0.32ha) and Shiraz (0.5ha) were planted here as they are known to be quite vigorous in growth. These grapes are used to produce our Rhone blend, “Fraternite”.

Petit Verdot (0.34ha) and Malbec (0.2ha) were planted on the sandy clay base soils. Together with the Cabernet they add body and a beautiful mid-palate to the Liberte.

On the 2.2ha approximately ten thousand vines were planted in a North to South direction with spacing of a mere 1m x 2.2m planting distance. This high density planting forces the roots of the vines to penetrate deep into the soil to provide fruit with rich and unique flavours. All the vines were trained to the wire by Stephan and his two men. Apart from harvesting, this team of three tends to the vines all year round.