About Deux Frères

Small gem in the Simonsberg

Deux Frères was founded in 2008, when brothers Retief and Stephan du Toit decided to continue the heritage as a “wine family” left to them by their mother and stepfather, Hester and Marc Wiehe. They bequeathed us the foundation on which Deux Frères is built.

It is the philosophy of Deux Frères that nature and geography, or the terroir, make the wine. This process culminates in the cellar where a policy of minimum intervention is followed. It is in the light of this that Stephan rather describes himself more as a traditional vigneron, driven by taste and intuition, than a modern winemaker with all the exactness that that entail.

When you taste a Deux Frères wine you can taste the sun and the soil. It is an expression of our love for our small piece of heaven.