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Cheese & Wine Pairing

12 February 2020

In addition to a standard wine tasting, we have also paired our wines with a selection of  4 delicious, locally sourced cheeses with a seasonal fruit. Each cheese has been specifically chosen to enhance the unique characteristics of our wines.

Chenin Blanc paired with Chevin Goat’s Cheese

The creaminess of the goat’s cheese accentuates the caramel palate of the lightly oaked Chenin.

Blanc De Noir paired with a Piece of Seasonal Fruit.

The acidity in the fruit matches the acidity in the wine. Taste the wine first and then again after eating the fruit – it’s astonishing how much fruitier the wine is the second time around.

Fraternité paired with Smoked Cheddar Cheese

The smokiness and savouriness of the cheese complements the smokiness and sweetness of the American oak on the nose of the wine.

Liberté paired with Grana/ Matured Gouda Cheese
The earthiness and complexity of the wine pairs well with the strong nuttiness of this mature, crumbly cheese.

Cabernet Sauvignon paired with Brie
The bracing acidity and lush tannins of the Cabernet cut through the ripe and creamy texture of the Brie cheese. A perfect combination of opposites!


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