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Deux Frères Harvest Report 2020

4 May 2020

We awaited the harvest with great anticipation after we had a fantastic winter last year with good rainfall. For the first time in 5 years, we received an annual total of 750ml for the year. Spring started nice and warm and that resulted in good even budding. You could see how the vines recovered from the terrible drought and heat from the previous season.

This season was also the first time we fertilized the vines through our drip irrigation system – and the results showed with beautiful canopies on all the varietals. Flower and bunch set had its ups and downs with the famous Cape winds, but fortunately, no major damage was done.

Veraison was even and through November and December temperatures were cool compared with other years. Ripening through January and the beginning of February was extremely slow and then all of a sudden it looked like the reds are going to all ripen at once.

In the cellar, there were big changes too! We made our maiden Sauvignon Blanc from a 35yr old block we started renting from our neighbour. The wine will be made to display the true characteristics of the varietal and will form part of the “Old Vines Project”. The first Sauvignon Blanc under the name of the project.

The reds came in fast and furious into the cellar but displayed excellent quality. We managed to harvest the last varietal, Petit Verdot, just before the infamous “lock-down” started.

All respect to cellar workers in the industry!! My reason for making this statement is that between my brother Retief, my wife Rene, and myself we were left to press the Mourvedre and Petit Verdot – good fun but extremely tiring!

A total of 24 tons came to the cellar, not a record but the quality of the fruit was magnificent. It is however still early to judge the wines in terms of quality. A big Thank You to all that contributed to the successful 2020 harvest.


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