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Deux Frères Harvest Report 2021

10 Jun 2021

All winemakers tend to say in their annual harvest report that it was a difficult harvest with many challenges, or just “a year unlike any other”. That is because it is the plain and simple truth, every year is different from the past ones and therefore every year is a challenge.

Apart from the terrible world pandemic, the 2020 / 2021 season had all the normalities and surprises unlike any other. Although we did not have an exceptionally cold winter, we had tremendously good rainfall to fill irrigation dams and soil penetrating rains to fill the underground aquifers.

No freezing temperatures but enough cool units to give the plants a decent rest. Budding in spring was a little uneven on some cultivars as the season kicked off on a rather cool note. This cool weather spilled into summer that lasted well into the new year. We therefore had a relative slow growing season and therefore made a forecast that harvest will be about 2 weeks later than usual.

And then as the perfect season was before us, we got hit by two terrible heat waves in early February which is actually not so uncommon for us. This surge in temperature made the vines go into “stress” basically not producing sugars but instead loose the natural acids. The heat postponed the harvest for anther 2 weeks making this the latest harvest we ever had on the farm.

Finally with harvest starting the grapes arrived at the cellar in a very good condition considering what they went through. The acids was on the lower side as expected but so was the sugars as well. This  resulted in beautiful low alcohol wines, with ripe tannins and fruit aroma. All the fermentations went smoothly together with our philosophy of low interference winemaking. The wines have a beautiful elegant structures with balance of fruit, acid and tannin.

Our yields on the farm picked-up and is back to normal amounts since the past years of drought.

The whites are almost bottle ready and the reds are off to barrel for some “R&R” for them to come of age. The 2018 reds are also ready for bottling this winter and we are looking forward to their release.


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