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Working from Home on an Excellent 2020 Harvest

14 April 2020

Although we can’t sell any of our beautiful wines or welcome you to the farm till the Covid-19 lockdown lifts, it’s been a busy time at Deux Frères.

First, household executive and chief overseer Mona had to hustle her harvesting army of Selo, Nyameko, Eugene and neighbours from the area to bring in the harvest in the two days before isolation began. And then Stephan, Rene and Retief had to scoop grapes into the basket press all weekend to vinify them… Sjoe! But there’s good news too – it’s looking like our best harvest ever!

The next few weeks and months are going to be tough for all of us, but we look forward to giving you a hearty Deux Frères welcome back when this is all over.

Stay safe at home.
Retief and Stephan


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